Petition for School Libraries

Hello All.  I posted yesterday and really had no intention of posting today except musing my way across the book blogosphere I found this post by Annie Cardi (YA Writer and Red Head).  Earlier this week, I finished The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma.  *spoiler* At the end of this book, her father (who has read to her, her entire life, literally) is forced into retirement by his principal and school board  by removing books, and a reading curriculum from his elementary school.  Just imagine, you’re a child who doesn’t get read to at home, and so the only time you hear a good book (because you can’t read yet) is when your librarian is creating characters, voices, plots, and imagination in front of you from his wooden rocking chair during library time.  How can we foster a love of reading if we can’t even keep books and librarians in our school libraries?  Please think about signing this petition.  It needs a lot more signatures (approx. 19,000), and do, please share the link and go over and above for libraries and schools.

Thank you. (I’ll get off my soap box now).


Sign Petition to help school libraries here.

7 thoughts on “Petition for School Libraries

  1. Let's CUT the Crap! says:

    Geat cause.I’d be even more dull than I already am if I hadn’t found myself in a library and fallen in love with the sight and smell of all those books (at age 8—can’t recall how I got there because my mother wasn’t with me and I WAS tied to her apron strings).


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