Newsday Tuesday:

First off, I want everyone to know that I suck at creating banners and Kristie over at Pencil Pocket created this one and I’ve been just stealing it and changing the colors.  Thus, I thought it was high-time to give her credit.  She’s amazing, please check out some of her work.  Seriously though, I want all of her books, for the child in my heart.

Here is one of my favorite images by Krisite over at Pencil Pocket: (Kristie)

Anyway, there was so much book news over the weekend that I can’t even breathe, I’m stuffed to the brim (as anyone should be after Thanksgiving).  Not only is the fridge filled with leftovers, but I’ve been leaving emotion puddles and emotion shadows all over Raleigh where I stepped over the weekend.  Books have gone catastrophic, award winners and beautiful old women are dying off and their writing is suffocating somewhere in a desk until their family decides to publish their unfinished poems (which I’m not sure I’m against or for…especially in the case of Sylvia Plath).  However, it’s time for the news.  Please keep your tray tables in an upright position and prepare for take-off.

  • Granta did an interview with Justin Torres author of We The Animals.  I just love how he compares writing to “casting a spell.”
  • Unfortunately, I’ve missed the cut and will not be able to kiss Oscar Wilde.  It was one of my great dreams to pucker up on that cold granite, but alas, no more.  Oscar Wilde’s tomb allows no more kisses.  It amazes me how much damage a kiss can do (metaphorically, and literally when it comes to this tomb).  Also, was it just the age (time)(century), or why was Oscar Wilde put in a tomb?  He wasn’t even liked during his lifetime by the clergy and government, and yet he got a whole tomb. It isn’t his coffin, or the small slab of rock poking out of his tuff of grass that people kiss – but his tomb.  Not that I disagree, I think every writer needs a large death dwelling space.
  • Judy Blume was on NPR.  Two things I love: Judy Blume and NPR.  Two things I’m giddy about right now: Judy Blume and NPR.  Judy Blume is the coming-of-age master for women.  At any age you find yourself, you’ll also find a banned Judy Blume book to travel with you on that journey.  God, I love her.  Listen here.
  • Penguin debate on e-books and library lending.  I really just appreciate the comments at the bottom of the article.  I’m always up for heated discussion, maybe it’s the paideia student in me.
  • As seen on Bookish Intelligent Report: Bookstores in China are collapsing.  I’m secretly wondering if it’s because they have a generation seriously lacking in women.  Women read, fact.
  • The ALA refuses to have the People’s Library (Star Books) destroyed.  Occupy Wall Street Library, of course.  There’s always news on this front.  I may have to train to New York and picket the destruction of this library that I so want a book from, please…anyone out there in NY, e-mail me, or leave a comment so I can give you my address to get a book shipped to me from the People’s Library.  Please, please, please, cherries on top.
  • Occupy Mother asks Santa for her son back.  #Occupy. Good Men Project – they are so exciting to follow on twitter.
  • Article by one of my favorite short story writers, Megan Mayhew Bergman.  The International Sweethearts of Rhythm.  She may be one of the authors I tweet at obsessively until one day she will answer me and the whole sky will open up and eat me in one swift gulp.
  • When bad books happen to bad people. Why did anyone read Sarah Palin’s book…I’ll never know.  I saw a lady reading it in the airport once and I stared at her with my look of disgust until she glanced up to see me.  Unfortunately, Bachmann is now writing books – I wasn’t aware she could even form words on paper, but apparently she can.    It’s a sad world when people are publishing this instead of The Magi by Kevin Turner.  (This is for my Republican readers.  If you’re offended, I’m sorry.  I make my views on this blog pretty known).
  • Holiday gift guide for that geeky, glasses wearing, hasn’t seen sun since the day his mother forced him into the pool, man in your life (or woman).  Women can be nerds too.  Geek Gift Guide found here.
  • The world can breathe a sigh of relief because Pippa has a book deal, a rather large one.   Every almost-royal needs a book, come on. However, this IS something I will be reading.
  • New John Updike book.  (Post-mordem)
  • Project Bookshelf (a worthwhile book charity is accepting mailed-in donations of books).  See address here.  Give the gift of reading this Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus or whatever tradition you celebrate in the month of December.
  • NY Library is accepting food for overdue fines.  I am in love with this freakin’ article and idea.  HOW AWESOME.
  • Only the most awesome children’s books that you can buy this Christmas.

And in special remembrance, Ruth Stone passed away this week.  I wrote a blog on her genius late last night which can be read here.

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